Creating Storage Space in Apartments and Small Spaces

Living space is shrinking in the city and storage rental is another expense we don't need. When I moved into my first apartment and unpacked, I felt like my home could feature on episode of Hoarders.  However, I didn't have an addiction to materials, I just didn't have the space. Or rather, I didn't know how to utilize my space well enough.  Below are some tips and best products for helping you find and maximize the storage space in your apartment and living comfortably there. 

Take advantage of your Wall Space

Apartment living room with built in bookcases desk small bookcase 

Have you forgotten what color your floors were? Take a gander upwards and do a spin around your room and look at all that wall space.  Is it empty?  Why? If the thought of putting holes in your walls are off putting, consider economical bookshelves and/or storage racks.  You might feel like you're just introducing more things into the room but no.  Adding in some decorative storage bins or boxes and all your things living on the floor are now going to be stored upward, freeing up floor space and out of your way.  

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Bamboo coat rack with metal folding hooks on a wall

Multiple coat racks and hooks that are wall mounted will also provide storage and can add to your home accent at the same time.  Think outside the box. Who says you can only have one row of hooks on a wall?  Consider mounting them at different heights, side by side, or a top one another.  This way you've created an  interesting focal point on your wall that provides organization to your small space. And if you're still weary on adding holes to the walls, a simple upright plywood, sanded and paint finished, can allow you too attach hooks and coat racks to. 

Over and Under and Anywhere in Between

Three narrow shelves next to window in apartment living room

Usually, there aren't any any fixtures around door frames and windows. Just empty space. Empty space that you can utilize for storage space! Be careful not to block in sunlight coming in from your windows or it'll make your room feel even smaller.  Take care not to block your doorways for safety and feng shui reasons.  In these spaces think narrower shelves and smaller containers like the floating shelves above. Floating shelves because you don't want industrial brackets cluttering up your walls, unless it's a conscious decision.  Floating shelves above doors work well too because beneath the shelf is the door frame, so there isn't space for L brackets.  Probably best not to store anything you would mind falling off though.  Consider towels, stuffies, storage boxes filled with lighter items. 

4pc Stacking storage bins with lid-Small-Grey  Under bed storage fabric zippered bags

Under your bed, under floating cabinets, under tables and desks are all storage space that isn't being utilized. Closet floors, when organized correctly using storage cubes and storage bins are also great tools to find storage space in your apartment.  I would suggest getting a storage bin with lids for these below eye level nooks because it is prone to collecting dust .  Plastic storage bins or zippered fabric bags would be good option here.  They're economic, hidden from view, and easily to clean or dust off. 

Taking Stacking to the Next Level

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   Expandable pot rack organizer

Now that you have claimed more floor space back, it's time to tackle inside cabinets and drawers.  The key here is to also UP.  You'll notice a theme here that we are organizing and storing in the vertical space and not horizontal and that works for inside storage too!  There is also wasted vertical space inside cabinets and drawers but you don't have to go fishing for items when you need them.  Have your items sorted in bins and racks for easy retrieval and minimize disturbing the items around it.  This way you aren't refolding and restacking all thru the week as well. 

Small space living isn't a negative situation, rather, I consider it a creative one. Every storage bin, shelf, or box you have in there should be pulling double duty., either being stackable to maximize floor space or adding to your home decor. Of course, don't deny yourself the accent pieces and art work that speak to you and says this space is your's. There is space to be found in apartment living. You just have to figure out your living plan and coax space out. 

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