One Hanger DOESN’T Fit All

 Have you ever stopped to think about the quality of hangers you are buying or if they are the best choice for your clothes? That had never crossed my mind until recently. A hanger has a lot to do with the proper care of your clothes, the wrong hanger could potentially cause damage to the clothing like distorted collars and stretching. Besides the damage it could have on your clothing, the quality of plastic hangers is usually very flimsy and lightweight, meaning easily broken. Our clothing lives on hangers, that is where it spends most of its time. As a result of improper care, your garment can be deformed all because of the hanger.


When it comes to hangers, a couple of the best types are wooden and metal hangers. They do not bend or sag under the weight of clothing. With the hangers being sturdy, it also benefits your clothing, they will support them better, prevents them from being stretched. Wooden and metal hangers will hold your clothes while in storage without misshaping collars or stretching out your valuable items. Rather than having to replace hangers when they get bent out of shape or break, you should use one that will last a much longer time. The durability of wood and metal will pay off in the long term.


When it comes to options for hanging pants or slacks, it can be confusing as to what the best option is. Again, going for the obvious convenient and cheap solution would be to go for plastic and/or wire hangers, but there are better quality solutions to a pant hanger. Specialized pant hanger types are sturdy enough to handle the hanging weight of slacks without bending. You can find some that have a straight shape or even ones that are a zig-zag shape for sliding multiple pants on, also covering the rod with PVC to keep them from sliding off and to prevent marks on your pants.

Another type of hanger that works well with clothing is satin hangers. These come with involved contoured padding to prevent damage, creases to clothing and are suitable for delicate shirts or clothes that fold quickly. These types of hangers are ideal for a cocktail dresses, delicate dresses, and materials prone to creases. Unlike the wooden or metal hangers, satin hangers are not meant for heavy clothing like suits or outerwear like coats.


The options for hangers are so many, these are just the few that are highly recommended. You spend time and money looking for that perfect blouse for work or that power suit for your meeting, or that amazing dress for your friend’s wedding, why wouldn’t you want to take care of it to last a long time. Now take the time to purchase hangers that will have your clothes looking and staying like new!







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