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Gadgets that make our lives a bit easier, the first thing that comes to mind are for our smartphones. We use are smartphones daily, whether it be for work or just our personal lives, our phones are always with us, you maybe even reading this article through your smartphone. But after a bit, it can get tiring just holding our phones especially if we are doing for long periods at a time. 

We use our phones for everything, for music, we stream videos, we chat with our loved ones, we research things daily, GPS, and the list goes on. Now, as much as our phones are convenient, they can be bit of a hassle like when we are following a recipe and cannot have the phone glued to our hand, or for multitaskers who are chatting with loved ones while doing something else, having free hands can be extremely useful. That's why the use of a phone or even a tablet holder comes extremely useful.

A stylish and simple design, this Tabletop Extendable Height Phone Holder stand is compatible with many kinds of phones. It features a height and adjustment design; the angle can swivel 360° and a 180° rotation neck to better meet your needs.  There is an easy adjustment with telescopic rod from 8.5" to 14.75" to meet the various needs of height.  The adjustable phone stand is stable and not easy to fall, it can hold a phone firmly thanks to its non-slip pad.

A Flexible Leg Tripod phone Holder Stand frees your hands up to follow along with cooking videos or just relaxing your arms as you watch a movie.  Your hands have the ultimate freedom while you watch media on your phone. Featuring flexible legs to position in a way that that is comfortable for you.  Perfect for viewing video calls, movies, vlogging, on a plane, and more.

Our Hands-Free Neck Holder Phone and Tablet Mount frees your hands up.  Your hands have the ultimate freedom while you watch media on your phone. Featuring a flexible comfort band that you can customize and adjust securely around your neck for perfect viewing.  The neck has a cushion sleeve for added comfort.  Turn you phone 360° for the perfect view on video calls, movies, vlogging, on the plane, and so much more.  Also, can be positioned as a desk or counter phone stand or straighten the goose neck and it makes a great selfie stick.

With its’ ergonomic design, this tabletop Gooseneck Table and Phone Holder allows you to position your phone or table can be adjusted in a variety of angles with its flexible gooseneck to better meet your needs.  The bracket can provide you with the most comfortable viewing angle and an excellent line of sight.  With its strong support, this tablet holder has a strong arm and metal rod, and the gooseneck arm is more durable than usual.  In addition, the strong arm makes the table stand very stable it is designed to be assembled and disassembled only by twisting each joint, which allows you to use it at the office, home, school, and many other places.

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