How to Organize My Home Office Desk

Whether you're working from home or you just need an everyday table space of your own at home, we all run into the same problem: Lack of Work Top Space. If you don't want to invest in a larger desk or don't have the space to accomodate a larger desk, then an organized desk is the solution for you. Organizing your work space can help you feel like you doubled your desk size without taking up more space in your room.  In fact, organizing is about creating space you didn't know you had and utilizing it! Here are five tips and products for helping you organize your home office desk so you can work efficiently. 

Tip#1. Figure out your essential work tools - saves you time and energy when they are easily found and within your reach

The first step to organization is always PURGE. Remove everything from your desk (save for the heavy paper files if you have file cabinets, that's for a whole other blog post.) and separate into three piles: Used Most Often, Keep, and Toss. While you've got your desk empty, take this opportunity to give it a good wipe down and dust out the drawers. Take a tally of the things in your Used Most Often pile. Mine are favorite pens, a scratch pad, and bills. I would suggest keeping these things right within reach, either in the top drawer or on your table top. Now mentally plan what types of things you would need to corral these items. For example, for my favorite pens, I went with a cute pencil holder to keep them on my desk top for easy grabbing. So based on what office tools you need, plan out what you need to hold them in place and where you will house them. 

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Tip#2. Minimize Clutter on your Desk Top - Let's you work efficiently and quickly when your space if cleared.

Continuing on with the corraling, if you think the items you use most often are best kept on your desk top, get a basket or organizer to keep them in their place. It's almost like adding an extra catch all drawer to your desk.  I would suggest getting the thin or narrow version of these baskets and bins, even doubling up and stack front to back on your desk. The back part of the desk isn't utilized that often so it's kind of a dead space. Check out these cute organizers and baskets we carry below. 

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Desktop File Organizer in Rose Gold  

Tip#3. Get a Monitor Stand with Storage - Helps with neck strain and provides storage on your work top.

The old monitor mounts use to just raise your monitor to a comfortable eye level. They float your monitor up and free up space below.  They're usually made of metal so not very home decorative and they're expensive.  If you don't haven enough stuff to render a desktop organizer or basket, why not get a monitor stand with storage to help you do both? Our most popular stands below are made of natural bamboo, beautifully crafted to accent your home office, raises your monitor view, and provides lots of storage space. There is even a little nook underneath to slide your keyboard in if you can, to free up table space when you have to do some writing. Again, this is your home office so it should be tailored to your needs. Don't get the stand with the most bells and whistles if you can't utilize all the functions. Picture yourself working with this monitor stand on your desk, grabbing items from its organizers and drawers and go with the one that flows the best for you. 

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Tip#4. Drawer Organizers - Helps with efficiency and your sanity at work

We swear by drawer organizers here. We think it's the best product ever made. They're affordable, compact, easy to purchase and makes things so much easier to find. If you haven't started using drawer organizers yet, you've got to experience this.  Drawers are cramped spaces and most of the things that go in there are teeny tiny, like paper clips and USBs.  I used to dread going into my drawer because I would be starting a treasure hunt to find a single paperclip that wasn't attached to three other items.  After using drawer organizers, my drawer still holds the same clutter but in an organized easy to find fashion. And there's just something so satisfying about opening a drawer and seeing everything neatly housed in its place. 

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Tip#5. Going Vertical - Don't forget the space under and above your desk

If you still need a space to house some office accessories or paperwork, don't forget the space under and above your desk! If your desk doesn't have alot of drawers, you can add drawers like the ones below or purchase a rolling file cabinet. Roll in to store and roll out to give yourself extra leg space. A bin with lid like the below is an economic way of adding more storage and minimizing dust. There are many wall mounted planners, organizers, and holders that you can purchase to create more storage space around your desk. However, if you have a deeper desk, I would suggest mounting any planner or whiteboard you need to work on to the side of your desk. Writing notes is easier when you aren't constantly reaching over a desk.  

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4pc Stacking storage bins with lid-Small-Grey 

With these five steps, I'm sure you will be surprised with how much more storage space you found hiding around your work space. I was pretty amazed too. Keep in mind, this organization plan is ever evolving, just like our lives. You will change and update as your needs do so go with it. Remember, this is your work space and it only has to work for you. 


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