How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets for Easy Meal Preps

Mattresses cost so much because we spend one third of our lives sleeping on them. Why don't we give our kitchens that respect? On average, between meal preps, snack preps, meal time and clean ups, we spend nearly five hours a day using our kitchens. That's one fifth of our lives. I think that's a substantial number enough to improve the quality of the time we spend using our kitchens. 

Imagine a kitchen where you know where every tool is, everything has a place of its own, and everything is within reach when you need it? Sounds like a dream come true? No, sounds like organized.  And that's all you need to focus on when designing your dream kitchen, because a dream kitchen not only looks nice but it is one that works for you. 

Tip#1. Create More Counter Top Space

No one has ever said they have enough counter space and I don't think I need to explain why more counter space equals to efficient and easy meal prep time. If you prepare a lot of your meals at home, think about all the times you are opening and closing those cabinet doors and drawers just to retrieve the same tools each and every time? Why not have them all out in the open since you're using them three times a day? Because that would clutter your counter tops. What is your other option?  Mounting.  Whether it is underneath your floating cabinets or on your walls, kitchen organizers like the below kitchen tool rack would allow you to keep your countertops clutter free, keep your tools organized, and keep your kitchen tools and spices within reach.  

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Tip #2. Store Your Pans and Tools by Frequency of Use

Now that your counter top is set up and you've freed up some space inside your cabinets and drawers, it's time to organize those cabinets. You probably already organized your pots in one drawer, your eating utensils in another, your spice bottles on one shelf, etc. Let's take it one step further and place the items you use most frequently to the side of the cabinet or drawer closest to where you would reach for them. For example, if you boil eggs every morning in your favorite small pot, it'd make sense to store that pot at a height where you don't have to bend over so frequently to grab it every morning. If you don't have multi level shelves in your pots cabinets, and you're tired of sorting thru pans just to find the one you need, consider these pots and pans organizer rack.  It's like adding file dividers but to your kitchen cabinets and you can quickly grab and put back the one you need. 

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Expandable pot rack organizer 

Tip #3. Use Up Every Inch of Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

If you're a renter, or if the cabinets you have won't allow, drilling holes probably isn't an option. A versatile option would be to add racks and baskets. Racks allow you to store sometimes double or more the amount you would be able to, isn't full length so you can still store the taller items next to, and you wouldn't be undoing stacks of bags or boxes everytime you want to reach for something. Baskets function like drawers do.  They enclose softer items, corral them for sorting, and you can push and pull them in and out like you would cabinet drawers. I would suggest getting baskets that are easy to clean and with cutout handles because kitchen items might get heavy and you're going to wear out that quirky rope handle real soon. 

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 Storage Basket White for kitchen cabinet pantry cabinet closets garage Large

With these three easy tips, you've freed up counter space, organized your kitchen cabinets for ease of use, and are storing more efficiently.  Remember, this is an active space and the system you have should change and evolve as your habits and needs do. Sticking to How It's Been Done is what got you frustrated in the first place.  Your Mom's system worked for her.  Now it's time to figure out what works for you. 

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