Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning

When the sun begins to shine, flowers begin to blossom, we know Spring has arrived, and there’s just something about the season that you want to open those windows and let all the fresh air in. Just wanting to get all that winter stuffiness and dust out of your home, especially for those who suffer from allergies. So why not roll up your sleeves and do that deep spring clean-up! But why not use this time to not only clean but declutter and get rid of items you really do not use any more.

The process of getting started is overwhelming, you have so many areas that you want to get cleaned but you have no idea where you should start. Making a list with what needs to get cleaned is a good way to get started. Now if you try to take care of all that cleaning in one day that can be overwhelming, choosing a period of a couple of days or a long weekend. To ease the sense of stress, prioritizing the task by most importance, to focus on what needs to be done right away, this is helpful spring-cleaning checklist can also help you stay organized and on task. Now that you got your checklist all planned out you can get started.

When cleaning your bedroom, begin with taking anything out that doesn’t belong in the bedroom and putting them back with where the belong. Take this moment to also declutter, make a keep, donate, and trash pile, remember clear out the space of items that are not being used, Spring clean to declutter instead of just storing items that are not being used anymore.  Also use this time to pack and store away your winter clothes, as you won’t need them until next winter.

I remember as a kid, the thought of spending my weekend cleaning was such a drag, my brothers and I would complain about having to it. To us, it felt as if we were getting punished for no reason, and I am sure many parents out there feel the same way when it comes to get their kids to clean. Some suggestions to get your kiddos involved would be, turn on some upbeat music and show off some silly dance moves that will give the kids a good laugh while getting the job done. Have them go through their toys and have them choose what toys they no longer want and have a donation box for them. To not make it seem like it’s just a chore getting done, give them a little incentive like going after a chore is done, they get a raffle ticket, then the winner of the raffle gets a special prize, or taking them out for some frozen yogurt is always great prize.

During the Spring-Cleaning time, always remember that this will not all be done in one day, it will be a process that can take time, so stay patient. That is why it is a good idea to have it planned out and be organized. This cleaning does not have to feel like a dreaded task and feel like a drag, because once you are done, you can sit back and relax, and enjoy your freshly cleaned home!

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