Essential Storage Items for a College Dorm Room

That time has come, what you have been working hard for the last few years, college. The thrill of beginning a new adventure excites you, but now you must worry about figuring out what you need to take with you to college. For most of you, this will be the first time you live on your own, allowing you the chance to decorate in your style. You will get to add your own personal style to how you decorate your room. Of course, in most college dorms you will have a roommate, so the space you are given is limited.  You do not want to deal with clutter all year long, just because you are over-packed to have the comfort of home with you.  We have a few storage options that will help you get organized and not feel cluttered in your room.

Once you have your bed all set up and your desk, now you got to unpack all the clothes you had to bring with you to college and all the extra school supplies that of course, you will need, but where to store it so your area does not look so cluttered? One place to start with is right under your bed, with our under-bed fabric storage come with 5 compartments that provide the same size within, sorting your seasonal clothes quickly and neatly, and making them easy to find. With clear windows, you can easily know what is inside each compartment.

Maximizing your space is a necessity, with our storage tote with lid and wheels can help make the most of limited space options.  Though room organization is a huge struggle for many college students, storage units can solve this problem by decluttering a room. Buying multiple storage totes for extra clothes, shoes, and extra school supplies.  Keep all your belongings neat, organized, and stowed away with this wheeled storage box. 

Now a closet is an area that can always get cluttered and unorganized quickly, with our stackable closet drawers, you will be saying goodbye to jumbled piles of clothes falling over. Easily pull clothes from the middle of the stack without disturbing the rest of your items with these smooth gliding stackable drawers. These can also fold up when not in use, so storing is made simple.

All schools are different, read up on school guidelines, research the dos and don’ts of what is allowed in your dorm rooms. Most school dorm rooms are made of cinder blocks, so hanging things with screws and nails may be impossible, besides the guidelines may not allow it. Luckily, we have what you need, our natural bamboo folding wall hooks are easy to install, they can be hung without screws. Hang it on your closet door and store bags and jackets that are used more frequently, so they’re easily accessible as you’re running out or running late.

Now that you are fully independent in a new adventure, another new experience is the duty of doing your laundry. Again, for most of you, this may be the first time you must take on this task. Most laundry rooms are in the basement of the building, so lugging your stuff down can be such a long journey, having an efficient way to carry it can be helpful.  Our laundry basket fabric bag is heavy-duty, and the soft padded ring handle is a very comfortable feel. Also, thanks to its foldable and portable design, you can save your space when you do not need to use it.



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