Dorm Room Essentials for your Freshman Year

It is that time of year again, back to school! Now if it is your first year at college this is a huge milestone for you, but also a very overwhelming time in your life. You are getting ready to leave home for most likely the first time, so the wave of emotions of taking this next step can take a toll on you. Now, you are also going to be in your own dorm room, the panic begins with the thought of having to figure out what you need for your room. The space will be very limited, so going for practical and useful products that will not just be taking up unnecessary space.

Looking for the perfect bathroom caddy? Look no further, with our Storage Organizer Basket with Shopping Handles. Keep your bathroom essentials stored and organized whenever you need to use them. Made to store shower gel, shampoo, spray bottles, and more.  The ventilation cutouts minimize odors and mold, and the slit on the bottom helps air out the basket. Keep your bathroom essentials ready to go for when you need it.


Laundry bags are more convenient, compact, and stylish compared to the traditional plastic hampers.  Great for carrying or storing dry cleaning, laundry, or other items on the go or as a temporary setup for guest or even as catch all bags.  This laundry bag is stylish, and the soft padded ring handle has a very comfortable feel.  Collapse and store under your bed or tuck away in your closet when not in use.

With limited space, you want to get compact and simple items that will fit it your limited space. Our Three Tier Rolling Cart is a metal utility cart that has 3 large and deep baskets and provides enough room for your daily essentials, school supplies, office product, and more. The utility can provide 3-tier large storage space while saving you floor space to optimize space utilization as much as possible.  Deep baskets are designed for preventing items from dropping.  This rolling cart is equipped with 4 wheels and the handle design makes it easy and convenient to keep the cart rolling around the anywhere you need to place in a permanent place.

Limited floor space? Look to our most unused space, your wall! With this great looking wall accent piece to hang your hat, keys, scarves, and umbrella.  Made of natural sturdy bamboo with metal fold down hooks, this wall hook can also handle heavy duty items such as towels, robes, handbags, coats, and more. The minimalist space-saving coat hanger with fold down hooks that can fold back when not in use, looks sculptural even when the hooks are closed. 

Custom fit this drawer organizer to maximize your drawer space and have a designated space for your smaller items.  These honeycombed design drawer organizers are excellent for keeping all of item in you drawers neat and organized.  One pack can be cut to fit smaller and multiple drawers.  Take apart to rebuild again and again. Perfect way to keep your undergarments organized for those days you are running late for class.


Stacking bins are a must, again with the limited amount of space available, hide what you want out of sight, whether it’s large or small, and stylishly display this chic looking storage bins so you can keep your things close at hand.  Featuring ergonomic handles and minimalist design, use different sizes and colors to sort and store.  The lids have an inset groove so you can stack up to three bins securely without them slipping around.

Under bed fabric storage is the perfect storing option for clothes, sweaters, sweatshirts, duvet sets, blankets, sheets, towels, shoes, and so much more.  Out of sight, yet not out of mind!  Our under-bed fabric storage will transform the junkyard under beds inevitably become, exploiting the spacious and potential storage space just waiting for you down under.  Enjoy these versatile and attractive storage bags from top to bottom of your home.  Clear windows allow visibility to access the contents immediately.  Organizing made simple!

No room for a side table or too lazy to sit up from your bed. This independent hanging basket, simply attaches to the bedside rail, is very convenient and saves space.  Double detachable hooks on the side allows you to hang earphones, keeps, and more.  Attach to your side rail and hold your cellphone, books, lotion, right within reach.  Use as a caddy and bring all your necessities over to your tabletop where you need them.

Starting a new chapter, like starting college, is such a big and exciting moment.  You are filled with so many emotions and that is okay to feel this way because you do not know what to expect, but it is exciting.  So do not let the stress of figuring out what to take with you stress you out. Let us help you get your college dorm sorted!

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