Controlling Our Cables

Technology is a huge part in every body’s life, whether it is as simple as having a cellphone, to wireless headphones, smartwatches, backup chargers, tablets, laptops, and so much more. Not only are you carrying these devices around, but the charging cables that come along with it. Now that is another problem to deal with, just having all types of cables in your bags getting tangled up or stuck as you are trying to pull them out. I also always coming across the challenge of somehow only having one charger for all my devices, which means lugging around the one good charger you have until it ultimately breaks on you. The cords, cables, and chargers all seem to be a struggle when it comes to any type of devices, just having them scattered and unorganized can become frustrating. But do not worry, X-nrg has amazing products when it comes to carrying cables and devices, but also cable management for your workspace at home or the office!

This tech accessories organizer bag is made of heavy-duty, durable, and water repellent nylon material offering excellent protection for your accessories.  Compact and thin in size, perfect for tossing into your toe bag, carry-on, or backpack, provides fourteen elastic and meshed slots for organizing your cable cords and tech wires.  The bag for electronics is lightweight and keeps your unruly cords tidy so you can use easily and efficiently as needed. You can keep cables, flash disk, memory cards, USB drive, chargers, pens, headphones, etc. all in one place. Also has a carrying handle and secure zipper for closure.

Our Electronic Wire Cable Cord Organizer Box has an extra-long capacity, holds up to two outlet strips, minimizes dust and dirt on your power strip, with this cable cord organizer box. With a practical design and organized structure, keep your cables organized and protected, away from little ones and pets.  Made to store power strips and organize cable cords, adapter wires, splitters, etc. in one convenient place.  Wipe clean with a damp cloth for easy maintenance and reduce duct allergies. With a cover, it helps block the dust from accumulating, keep your cables organized and clean. Can hide the electronic items in the box, protecting babies or pets from danger.


No more messy cables, these Wire Cable Control Sleeves will make your house or workstation look neat and hide wires.  It is perfect for all your needs, whether organizing your TV entertainment center, workstation, or office.  You can simply use this to protect your cables and manage your electrical cord to hide cables in your area with the perfect cable management sleeves.  These Wire Cable Control Sleeves are designed with sippers, they can be used alone or zipped together to extend their storage.  Easy to manage your messy cables, enjoy the simple pleasures.


With our Front Open Cable Management Box with Organizer can hide/protect the power board and redundant cables.  It has an easy-to-open lid and three entrances for outlets to pass cables along the side, giving you easy access to the power board and internal threads and allowing you to arrange wires and plugs or easily unplug them when needed.  Its anti-overheating ventilations slits keep your wires and equipment cool. 

Our Under Desk Mount Cable Management has a slim design that will blend with any modern home or office desk setup.  It’s time to make all the massive and tangles cables invisible! Just place the power stirp, adapter, and loose wires inside the cable management tray, use the provided cable ties and organize the cables.  Messy cables in your home office are not just a potential problem for you thought, they could cause injury to children.  With the simple process of tucking away desk cable into a tray, remove this trip hazard instantly.  Getting everything safely stowed into a wall-made cable management tray protects your wires from constant abrasion, friction, and pressure.  The large design allows all plugs, and the associated cables can be sorted in the cable management tray without exception. Easily mounted within minutes wither with the included screw or double-sided adhesive strips.

A stylish Bamboo Wire Cable Control Box solves all your cord chaos by neatly hiding unattractive power stirps, adaptors, and excess cord length from piling up on your floors or cluttering your desk.  Weave all wires through the two side slits to charge or power any electronic devices-from computer and routers lamps and printers.  The lid of the cable control box doubles as a tray to store smartphones or other small devices.


We use technology almost all day, every day, don't let the craziness of cables get too out of control. Let us help with these amazing cable solutions!

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