Camping Time!

With Summer quickly approaching, that means summer break, vacation time. Now, with the pandemic in this weird limbo still, hotels and rentals are still questionable to many, but that itch to vacation is still very present. Looking to get away with the family and enjoy the great outdoors? Camping is an opportunity for serious fun activities, also it also an experience that you can customize for you family's interests. The best part of going camping you do not have to pack so much to entertain you because the experience of camping with your family or friends you will find so much to do with nature. 

For first time campers, it can be overwhelming with what to bring, especially since you are not really sure what you are going to need. From personal experience when we did our first camping trip with my family, I suggest investing in on an air mattress. It avoids looking for smooth spots on the ground, and it allows you to have a bit more comfort while you sleep. Flashlights are highly recommended, my family did not think through completely how we were going to see at night, literally was just depending on the campfire and my youngest brothers toy lantern my parents bought him. That was an invest made for the next camping trip. 

Keeping the kids entertained may sound like a difficult task, especially if you are unaware with the environment. Our first couple camping trips my family depended on a lot of sports equipment for my brothers and I, like we took a Frisbee, baseball equipment, and a football. We also did more of family games like cards and Uno, for the evening activities that everyone can enjoy. During the day though, we took advantage of the environment, taking a hike, taking in all the scenery, or we went tubing through the river which was so exciting.

Camping is such an amazing experience, and it is not for everyone and that is perfectly fine, pitching a tent is not for everyone. If given the chance going camping in an RV or a cabin is just as perfect, you still get the outdoor experience, but with a bit more comfort the roughing it with the great outdoors. When camping I suggest the less you take the better, just take basic necessities for the few days and nights that you will be out in the great outdoors. X-nrg Life has some great items that will let you take what you need without taking too much. 

This Travel Toothbrush Cup case is the perfect item for your bathroom needs. This 5 in 1 wash cup has a compartment for storing a small towel, toothbrush, and toothpaste, some shampoo and body wash.  Save space by keeping all your personal hygiene products all in one case, the perfect item for traveling or camping.

You can never be too prepared, being out in the great outdoors is so nice, but accidents can happen anywhere. Being prepared with a first aid kit, especially with kids, because we know how fearless they can be, having supplies in case an accident occurs is a good idea. The Mega Excursion First Aid Kit by Welly will always be handy in case of an emergency, this kit has your back, elbows, and knees covered. Comes with standard and small bandages, with waterproof and fabric bandages, prep pads antibiotics and so much more. When you're ready for anything, everything is possible. 

One thing that was super helpful, was taking foods prepped to just cook and ready to eat snacks. Avoids having to prepare everything outdoors, when you may not have a cutting board handy. Net Zero Co Silicone Sealers give your snacks a seal and fresh for days. They are airtight to keep food fresh and free from spills. 

One thing I can't stress enough is staying hydrated, going camping especially in the summer you have to remember the temps are high and a lot of the activities are outdoors. So having a water bottle handy is a must, The Simple Modern Water bottles has your hydration needs covered. Vacuum-sealed insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 28 hours. The unique exterior design prevents bottles from sweating. Handle comes in handy, making it easier to carry around. 

Camping is great, just being one with nature, is such an amazing feeling but watching your favorite TV show or movie outdoors would make it just that much more perfect. With our Phone Screen Magnifier, will amaze you, the solution for you and your family to enjoy TV comfortably.  Foldable and slim design, with a magnifying your device will never be the same with our clean and crisp screen.


Camping is such an amazing experience, just being away from the city and enjoying the peace and quiet is so great. Now getting to do that with your family is such a great time. A lot of my memories are from the yearly family camping trips we took as a family, that we still talk and laugh about to this day. So, with Summertime quickly approaching start planning that camping trip!

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